Buildings and Land Made Easy

Lease & Sell

Bring home the bacon.


Was theirs, now yours.

Tenant Representation

Borrow buildings like a Jedi.

Land Development

From dirt to penthouse.

We help business owners & investors build a better world and create legacies for their families.

Market Mindfulness

You know your industry. We know commercial real estate.

Bull Pen

If our team doesn’t have a specific expertise, our network of professionals will.

Intergalactic Presence

We are anywhere you need to be.

Integrity First

Simple: It’s what you deserve.

Professionals First, Brokers Second

We’re better at commercial real estate because we didn’t start there.

Value Nerds

As engineers & attorneys… we can ‘nerd-out’ on the details for you.

CIVIGNITE / ˈsɪv •  ɪɡ • nīt /

Former CIVIL engineers who IGNITE the commercial real estate world

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